CSMGEP: Jessica Reyes


Jessica ReyesJessica Wolpaw Reyes is Willard Long Thorp Professor of Economics at Amherst College.  Jessica received her B.A. in Mathematics and Chemistry from Amherst and her Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University, concentrating in public and labor.  Conventionally trained as an applied microeconomist, in recent years she has taken a radical turn to an antiracist and anticapitalist approach to economics.  Catalyzed by abolitionist thought, critical race theory, and Marxist challenges to hegemonic neoliberal understandings, this reframing understands power, oppression, and racism as central not only to the functioning of the economy but also to the methodology of economics.  Jessica is deeply involved in diversity, equity, and inclusion work, especially via creative engagement with and rethinking of fundamental norms of economic practice and pedagogy.