Call for Papers


CSQIEP: Call for Abstracts for 2023 ASSA Paper Sessions
Sessions at 2023 AEA Meeting: January 6-8, 2023 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
New Orleans, LA – Hilton Riverside

Deadline: March 28, 2022

CSQIEP invites abstract submissions for paper presentation at two CSQIEP-sponsored sessions at the 2023 ASSA/AEA Meeting in New Orleans. These sessions will be the second annual sessions officially sponsored by the AEA for CSQIEP. One session will be focused on LGBTQ+ economics related topics. Any economics paper addressing LGBTQ+ populations would be appropriate. The other session will be focused on papers in Labor Economics, broadly defined (macro or micro labor).

CSQIEP's primary intention in organizing these sessions is to create an opportunity for junior LGBTQ+ economists to present papers at the meetings; and to provide an opportunity to meet with and receive feedback from leading economists in their field. For this reason, the presenting author of each paper should be a junior LGBTQ+ economist. The term junior LGBTQ+ economist usually refers to anyone identifying LGBTQ+ who is untenured, or who has received a PhD less than seven years ago; but could also refer to an LGBTQ+ person who has not yet presented papers widely. There are no restrictions on the LGBTQ+ status or seniority of coauthors. There is one exception to the requirement that the presenting author be an LGBTQ+ individual – the LGBTQ+-related sessions are open to all economists (with a preference for junior economists).

Please note that the papers on LGBTQ+ economics topics chosen for this year’s session will be eligible for publication in the 2023 AEA Papers & Proceedings. An ad-hoc CSQIEP committee consisting of individuals who are *not* submitting LGBTQ+ economics research for inclusion in the panel will review and select papers for that session. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit their paper for publication consideration in December.

In addition to individual paper submissions, complete session proposals may be submitted, but the papers in the session proposal will be considered individually. Duplication of paper presentation at multiple AEA Sessions is not permitted, therefore authors will be expected to notify CSQIEP immediately and withdraw their abstract if their paper is accepted for a non-CSQIEP session at the 2023 AEA Meeting. Similarly, authors whose paper is accepted to a 2023 CSQIEP session will be expected to withdraw it from consideration by any other organization at the same meetings.

The deadline for submission is: March 28, 2022

To have research considered for the CSQIEP-sponsored sessions at the 2023 AEA Meeting, the Corresponding Author must send an abstract and the following information:

  1. Indication of submission to one of the sessions:
    • LGBTQ-related Topics
    • Labor economics
  2. Indication of a single abstract submission or a complete session submission.
  3. The Name, Title, Affiliation, Mailing Address and Email for the correspondence author or session organizer.
  4. Name (s), Title(s), Affiliation(s) and Email address(es) for any coauthor(s) or for each corresponding author in a complete session submission.

The abstract should be a PDF document, not exceeding two pages in length, double-spaced, with a maximum of 650 words.

Name the file: “Abstract_Corresponding Author Last Name-First Name.”

The abstract should contain details on motivation, contribution, methodology and data (if applicable); and be clearly identified with the author(s) name(s).

Completed papers may be sent but may not substitute for an abstract of the appropriate length.

Please email submissions to: You will receive an acknowledgement of your submission.

Questions can be addressed to Kitt Carpenter, CSQIEP Co-Chair,