2014 AEA Annual Meeting Webcasts of Selected Sessions

View webcasts of selected sessions from the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia on January 3-5, 2014 (compliments of AEA).

Chairman Ben Bernanke Globalization Webast Maureen Cropper

Chairman Ben Bernanke

Hans-Werner Sinn, Ernesto Zedillo, Andrew G. Haldane and Maurice M. Obstfeld

Maureen Cropper

January 3, 2014

What's Natural? Key Macroeconomic Parameters after the Great Recession
Presiding: Matthew Shapiro
The Natural Rate of Interest and Its Usefulness for Monetary Policy Making Robert Barsky; Alejandro Justiniano; Leonardo Melosi
Natural Rate of Unemployment Mark Watson
Natural Rate of Growth John Fernald; Charles I Jones
Discussants: Michael Woodford; Robert E. Hall; Susanto Basu
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Discounting for the Long Run
Presiding: Nicholas Stern
Declining Discount Rates Maureen Cropper; Mark C. Freeman; Ben Groom; William A. Pizer
Discounting and Growth Christian Gollier
Fat Tails and the Social Cost of Carbon Martin Weitzman
On Not Revisiting Official Discount Rates: Institutional Inertia and the Social Cost of Carbon Cass Sunstein
Discussants: Kenneth Arrow
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Chairman Bernanke Presentation
William Nordhaus (chair); Ben Bernanke; Kenneth Rogoff; Anil Kashyap

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AEA/AFA Joint Luncheon
Jeremy Stein, introduced by Robert Stambaugh
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Richard T. Ely Lecture "Retirement Security in an Aging Population"
Jim Poterba, introduced by William Nordhaus
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January 4, 2014

Financial Globalization
Ernest Zedillo; Andrew G. Haldane; Hans-Werner Sinn; Simon Johnson; Maurice Obstfeld
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Climate Change Policy after Kyoto
Presiding: Nicholas Stern
Tax Policy Issues in Designing a Carbon Tax Eric Toder; Donald Marron
How Effective are U.S. Renewable Energy Subsidies in Cutting Greenhouse Gases? Brian Murray; John Reilly; Maureen Cropper; Francisco de la Chesnaye
International Aspects of Taxing Carbon Charles McLure
The Costs and Consequences of Clean Air Act Regulation of CO2 from Power Plants Dallas Burtraw; Joshua Linn; Karen Palmer; Anthony Paul
Discussants: Gilbert Metcalf
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Nobel Laureate Luncheon
William Nordhaus; Paul Milgrom; Roger Myerson
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Macroeconomics of Austerity
James Poterba (moderator); Olivier Blanchard; Hans-Werner Sinn; Lawrence Summers
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AEA Presidential Address "A Grand Gender Convergence: Its Last Chapter"
Claudia Goldin, introduced by William Nordhaus
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AEA Awards Ceremony
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