2012 AEA Annual Meeting Sessions & Continuing Education Webcasts

2012 Annual Meeting Webcasts of Selected Sessions are publicly available. See also: Previous Annual Meeting Webcasts

The Euro

Pictured: "The Euro: Challenges to Improve a Currency Union" session,
Marcus Brunnermeier, Olivier Blanchard & Jordi Gali

The Euro: Challenges to Improve a Currency Union (Panel Discussion) (January 6, 2012):
Olivier Blanchard, Markus Brunnermeier, Jordi Gali, Athanasios Orphanides & Axel A. Weber

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The Political Economy of U.S. Debt and Deficits (Panel Discussion) (January 6, 2012):
Alan Auerbach, Alan Blinder, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Rudolph Penner & Alice Rivlin

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Markets with Frictions (Panel Discussion) (January 8, 2012):
Peter A. Diamond, Philipp Kircher, Dale T. Mortensen, Robert Shimer & Christopher Sims
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What Happened to the U.S. Employment Miracle (Panel Discussion) (January 8, 2012):
Steven J. Davis, Janice Eberly, Henry S. Farber, Lawrence Katz & Robert Shimer
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Continuing Education -- 2012

International Economics: Gita Gopinath and Gene Grossman

Day One (January 8, 2012):
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Day Two (January 9, 2012):
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Day Three (January 10, 2012):
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Cross-section Econometrics: Guido Imbens and Jeffrey Wooldridge

Note: Session not recorded. See webcast of session presented in 2009.
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Workshop on Advanced Interative Teaching Methods in Economics: Patrick Conway, Tisha Emerson, KimMarie McGoldrick, Michael Salemi, and William Walstad

Note: Session not recorded.