Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE)

This association "is to put into action accurate and objective understandings of private enterprise. We are committed to teaching and research in private enterprise. We spur economic understanding through all media and educational means for the broadest possible public." They note, "It is easier to blame profits, corporations, or business people for social problems than to understand their functions in an increasingly complex, international economy. It is easier to support a politician's promised quick fix than to suffer the natural workings of dynamic market systems righting themselves." To this end, they promote private enterprise education, "particularly in relation to research, teaching methods, programming, and sources of funding." They use newsletters, conferences, publications, and other activities. This site lists their officers (Gordon Tullock is the President for 2000-1), conferences, their awards, an on-line membership enrollment form, information on their journal, "The Journal of Private Enterprise," extensive material for teachers, links of related sites,