Urban Institute

Founded in 1968, the Urban Institute's "staff investigates the social and economic problems confronting the nation and government policies and public and private programs designed to alleviate them." Just about every facet of the Institute's work can be found here. One is "Hot Topics," where they list their research by some 20 different areas. The also provide extensive information on their "Research Centers:" "Education Policy," "Health Policy," "Human Resources Policy," "Income and Benefits Policy," "International Activities," "Nonprofits and Philanthropy," "National Center for Charitable Statistics," "Population Studies," "Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center," and "State Policy." One of their major new project is "Assessing the New Federalism," which studies the shift of responsibility to the states. Their periodicals are available here as well; they include "Policy and Research Report," "Update and Policy Bites;" various policy briefs are here too. Finally, you can search their print publications database.