Financial Economics Network (FEN)

This organization, part of the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) , also has the Economics Research Network (ERN) , Legal Scholarship Network (LSN) , and Accounting Research Network (ARN), and the Management Research Network (MRN). It is is directed by Michael Jensen.

Via electronic mailing lists, FEN publishes abstracts of working papers and accepted papers in many areas:

Finance Research Centers Papers:

  • International Center for Finance at Yale School of Management
  • University of Chicago Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP)
  • USC Finance & Business Economics Working Papers
  • Finance Institutes Research Papers:

  • European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) (Forthcoming)
  • FEN Conferences & Meetings

    FEN Professional & Practitioner Paper Series:

  • FEN Professional & Practitioner Journal (Forthcoming)
  • FEN Subject Matter Journals:

  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Behavioral and Experimental Finance
  • Emerging Markets: Finance
  • Capital Markets - Archives of Vols. 1-5, 1994-98
  • Capital Markets: Asset Pricing & Valuation
  • Capital Markets: Market Efficiency
  • Capital Markets: Market Microstructure
  • Corporate Finance & Organizations - Archives of Vols. 1-5, 1994-98
  • Corporate Finance: Capital Structure & Payout Policies
  • Corporate Finance: Governance, Corporate Control & Organization
  • Corporate Finance: Valuation, Capital Budgeting & Investment Policy
  • FEN Educator: Courses, Cases and Teaching
  • Derivatives
  • Journal of Financial Abstracts - Archives of Vols. 1-2, 1994-95
  • Real Estate
  • Risk Management
  • They also offer other information: job listings and professional announcements (both are publicly available).

    Besides being an announcement service, they also offer on-line papers. At last count, SSRN had more than 42,000 on-line. They also offer on-line papers; at last count, they had some 23,000. They have arrangements with a number of publishers permitting use of publication abstracts. You can also search both their lists and a large number of papers archived on their site. While this is a fee-based service, you can subscribe on-line, but as they currently have well more than 300 site licenses, you may well be able to subscribe for free.