Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is perhaps best known for reporting the unemployment rate and CPI, but they generate a very extensive amount of other data as well. In general, their data come in the following categories:   Employment and Unemployment Prices & Living Conditions Compensation and Working Conditions Productivity and Technology Regional Resources   This data can be retrieved in many different ways depending upon your needs (most requested series, customized tables, or flat files). There are also warning there are data limitations and changes.   Besides the above, they have current summary data in "The Economy at a Glance" and recent press releases are also available. You can also arrange to have major press releases e-mailed to you; this option can be found at the BLS News Service Subscription Page . A final area of particular interest is likely to be their publications page, which includes the "Monthly Labor Review" and many other publications. Finally, their main page offers additional links and information on the BLS.