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Journal of Money, Credit and Banking; Centre for Economic Policy Research CEPR; European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics ECARES (Universit? Libre de Bruxelles); Ghent University; National Bank of Belgium

December 09-10, 2011
Macroeconomics and Financial Intermediation: Directions since the Crisis
Brussels, National Bank of Belgium, Belgium
The organizers welcome submissions of a theoretical or empirical nature related to the theme of the conference. Suitable topics include (but are not limited to): - Dynamic general equilibrium models with financial intermediaries - Financial intermediaries and boom-bust cycles - Bank capital and the propagation of shocks - Bubbles, banks, and macroeconomic and financial stability - Credit risk, shocks in the banking sector, and the cycle - Financial intermediation and asset prices - Macroeconomic modeling of endogenous risk-taking - Global banks and international business cycles - Modeling, measuring and forecasting systemic risk - Forecasting financial and macroeconomic risk - Financial intermediaries, the monetary transmission mechanism, and non-conventional monetary policy - Stress testing of financial intermediaries: a macro perspective - Macro-prudential policy (domestic and international dimensions) - Banking crises and fiscal sustainability - Monetary and fiscal policy with fragile banks [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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