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European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy EAEPE; University Roma Tre, Department of Economics, Italy

July 06-10, 2015
9th EAEPE Summer School 2015 "Capitalism, Inequality and (Un)Sustainable Development"- European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy
Rome, University Roma Tre, Department of Economics, Via Silvio D??Amico 77, Italy
The EAEPE Summer School is open to PhD students and early-career researchers working in particular in the field of institutional and evolutionary analysis, with a special focus this year on ecological economics, sustainability, inequality, institutions and economic growth. Teachers will address these important topics from different perspectives and approaches. In the spirit of pluralism characteristic of the EAEPE, many Research Areas are relevant: human development, environment-economy interactions, methodology of economics, institutional history, comparative economics, transition economics, institutional change, innovation and technology, and labour economics. More generally, contributions from all fields using institutional, multidisciplinary approaches are welcome. Summer School Key words: Ecological Economics, Inequalities, Capitalism, Sustainability, Economic Growth, Gender, Uneven Development, Poverty, Welfare, Institutions, Social norms, Behaviors, Policies, Political Economy. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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