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EBEN - European Business Ethics Network

September 10-12, 2009
22nd EBEN Annual Conference ???Pathos for Ethics - Business Excellence, Leadership and the Quest for Sustainability??
Athens, Greece
This conference will inquire regarding a particularly European way of dealing with business ethics issues. Topics: - (European) Corporate Governance - The functioning of stakeholder dialogue - Bribery, corruption, nepotism. Who is in control? - Business CSR policies towards Global Warming - Alternative energy routes to absolute oil dependence - Crops for energy or food? Water scarcity & implications - Teaching business ethics - Financial ethics - Lay-offs. The common solution to justify reduced profits - Ethical principles, Corporate Governance & CSR for SME??s - Ethical dilemmas from relations between politicians and companies - Ethics training in organizations - Supply chain integrity - What are the results of NPO's contribution to society welfare? - Mechanisms to support the implementation of the Corporate Code? - Equality at work including top ranking positions.- Responsible leadership - Do we really need Business Ethics in addition to Quality & Financial measures? [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information] The website is no longer available. [Redaktion EconBiz - editors EconBiz]
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