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Hamburg Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (Institut f?_r Ethnologie), University of Hamburg

June 04-06, 2010
Diaspora as a Resource: Comparative Studies in Strategies, Networks and Urban Space
Hamburg, Warburg Haus, Germany
With this conference, we propose to enhance the discussion of theoretical issues in the context of diaspora research, based on empirical case studies. Two interrelated sections will investigate diasporas?? potentials as a resource ?? both on an individual and on a collective level. 1) Economy, Institutions and Social Networks One main focus concentrates on questions of economy, institutions and social networks. Departing from models of middlemen minorities, we propose that key factors enabling or hindering diaspora success may be found in the type and quality of social networks, both within the communities and linking them to the overall socio-economic system. Consequently, issues to be addressed the first section will include the following: - the meaning and comparability of ??diaspora success?? in economic, social and cultural terms, - the relevance of diaspora institutions and social networks (weak and strong ties), - the structural positions, relevance and activities of particular individuals (e.g. entrepreneurs, ??brokers?? or ??diasporists??). 2) Diaspora and Urban Space A second focus will be placed on the interrelations of diasporas and urban space. In the course of global migration, diaspora communities have left their mark on urban space, often by processes of ethnic business and entrepreneurship. Throughout history, certain cities (port cities ranging most prominently) have been deeply influenced by the presence of various diasporas, not only in their physical layout but also in the development of their particular urban identity. Among others, we propose to discuss the following issues: - ethnic neighbourhoods and enclaves as a potential resource in urban development; - diaspora success: physical markers in urban space; - features and characteristics of ??diaspora cities??. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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