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IBF - Institute of Business Forecasting

May 23-24, 2005
Supply Chain Forecasting Conference
London, United Kingdom
Programme: WORKSHOP I: "How to Implement a 'Sales and Operating Planning' (S&OP) Process Quickly and Effectively" WORKSHOP II: ??Forecasting with Regression Models?? Head of Information Mgmt. & Forecasting Supply & Capability, Global Operations AstraZeneca "The Role of Forecasting in the Sales & Operations Planning Process of a Global Manufacturer" ??Predicting the Future: How Cisco Systems Improved Its Forecast Accuracy?? ??Challenges for ??Demand Planning?? at Nestl??? ROUND-TABLE DISCUSSION: "Pharmaceutical/Healthcare" ??Forecasting: An Essential Step to a Successful Sales and Operations Planning?? ??Collaborative Forecasting: Improving Forecast Accuracy by Engaging Upstream Business Colleagues in the Operational Forecasting Process?? ROUND-TABLE DISCUSSION: ??Technology/Telecom?? "How Pfizer Created a Consensus Forecasting Process to Improve its Business Performance" ??Synchronizing the Supply Chain with Consumer Demand?? ROUND-TABLE DISCUSSION: ??Consumer Products/Retail?? ??Event-Modeling in the Monthly Sales Forecasting Process?? SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION I and SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION II ??Finding ??One?? Reliable Forecast in a Changing Market?? ??Incorporating S&OP into a ??Multi-Country?? Business?? ??Forecasting Enterprise Revenues with ??Quantified Confidence???? SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION I and SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION II ??Keeping Strategy Alive through ??Integrated Business Planning and Forecasting???? "How to Optimise your Supply Chain with Collaborative Forecasting and Demand Planning Initiatives?? SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION I and SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION II ??Forecasting in the Semiconductor Industry: The ??Art?? of Forecasting Demand at the End of the Value Chain?? SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION I and SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION II ??A New Demand Planning Process for Indian Oil Corporation?? SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION I and SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATION II ??Business Forecasting Through Technical Analysis?? ??The Diffusion Model: Helping to Forecast the Vast Universe of Wireless Data Products and Services
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