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Beykent University of Istanbul, Turkey; Gebze Institute of Technology, Kocaeli, Turkey; Emerald Publishing Group of the UK; Elsevier Ltd. Publishing Group of UK

June 21-23, 2012
8th International Strategic Management Conference "New Opportunities for Global Collaboration & Strategic Alliances in the Era of ???New Normal?? "
Barcelona, Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, Spain
Topics: - Basic Concepts in Strategic Management and the Relationship Between Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals - Globalization and Electronic Commerce: Challenges to Strategic Management - Approaches and Models of Strategic Management - The Strategic Audit: Aid to Strategic Decision Making - Corporate Governance: Problems and Relationship Between Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer, and Top Management - Agency Theory and Stewardship Theory in Corporate Governance - Ethical Issues and Social Responsibilities - Different Approaches and Models of Industry Analysis - Approaches of International Risk Assessment - Identifying Potential Markets in Developing Nations - Strategic Issues in Managing Stakeholder Relationships - Global Branding Issues in Strategic Management [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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