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Laboratory of Research and Tourism Satellite Accounts (LaReTSA), University of Patras; Heliotopos Conferences

February 02-03, 2011
Athens Tourism Symposium in 2011 "International Scientific Congress on Current Trends in Tourism Management and Tourism Policy"
Athens, Megaron Athens International Conference Centre, Greece
Topics: - Planning for sustainable tourism development by managing its environmental, social and economical impact - Educating and developing human resources in tourism - Utilising technology in tourism - Identifying current trends in hospitality management - Managing transportation trends - Managing travel distribution trends - Managing hospitality industry trends - Managing visitor attractions - Conducting marketing research in the tourism market - Developing marketing strategies for the tourism market - Developing niche markets in tourism - Developing products for the tourism market - Communicating and selling in the tourism market - Organising the destination management and marketing task - Operating national and local tourism organisations - Facilitating cooperation among public- and private-sector stakeholders and the local population - Setting up business clusters in tourism - Planning for the future of tourism [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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