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Institute of Comprehensive Analysis of Economy (Institut f?_r die Gesamtanalyse der Wirtschaft); German Association for Political Economy (Arbeitskreis f?_r Politische ??konomie), University of Flensburg

November 29-December 01, 2012
Winter Session 2012 of German Association for Political Economy - The Political Economy of Offshore Jurisdictions (Jahrestagung 2012: Regulierung! Welche Regulierung? Die Politische ??konomie von Steuer- und Regulierungsoasen)
Linz, Wissensturm Linz, Austria
The conference should lighten aspects of the function of offshore jurisdictions and their impact on global economy, e.g.: - Business models and instruments of offshore activities - The significance of the offshore economy for actual crises - The role of economic theories and economists in justifying offshore economy - The role and structure of user groups and intermediaries and their strategies and tactics - The history of offshore states - Political systems of offshore states - Actual regulation discourses with respect to the offshore economy - Consequences of offshore economy for non-financial companies and different citizen of offshore jurisdictions [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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