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International Association for Research in Income and Wealth IARIW; South Asian Institute of Management SAIM

September 23-26, 2009
IARIW 2009 Special Conference on Measuring the Informal Economy in Developing Countries
Kathmandhu, Godawari Village Resort, Lalitpur, Nepal
In most developing countries most people depend for their livelihood on the ???informal economy?? . Their incomes come from subsistence farming or from operating small unincorporated enterprises. They may be trading on the street or in markets, selling cooked food from kiosks, scavenging for reusable waste, transporting people or goods by pedal power or motor bikes, repairing clothes, shoes or motor scooters, building dwellings or adding extensions to them, or providing a range of personal services like hair-dressing, fortune-telling, shoe-cleaning, street theatre, house cleaning and the like. Although the largest part of GDP may be generated in the formal economy, most people in developing countries live in the informal one. This Special IARIW Conference looks at both economic and social aspects of the informal economy. [gem?_?? den Informationen des Anbieters - according to site editor's information]
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