• Announcement
  • February 19, 2021

Cambridge Elements in Law, Economics and Politics

Introducing a new comprehensive, engaging, and dynamic editorial project called Cambridge Elements in Law, Economics and Politics—i.e., LEP Elements—and published by Cambridge University Press under joint editorial supervision. The aim of the LEP Elements is to become the reference outlet for research on laws and legal institutions. Since the nature and scope of markets, organizations and states are heavily influenced by these arrangements, their functioning, determinants, and impacts have been analyzed by an overwhelming literature, which, however, has produced contrasting theories and proposed contradictory policy conclusions.

To organize the existing knowledge and guide future research, the LEP elements will consider two formats: a) critical analyses of the existing literature and, notably, an existing element, based on either an innovative theoretical and/or empirical model or a novel dataset; and b) original pieces opening groundbreaking strands of research or reshaping in an unexpected way the mainstream.

We will focus on five tracks.  You can read more about the editorial process and watch videos introducing each track here.

To propose an Element please email both Liam Wells, at LEPelements@cambridge.org, and Carmine Guerriero, at c.guerriero@unibo.it.