• Call For Papers
  • January 26, 2023

Call for papers: Socio-Economic Planning Sciences

Our proposal for a special issue aims at covering an emerging problem in the public sector: the provision of common goods from public organizations during an emergency. Our call aims at analyzing the relationships between public sectors and private firms for the provision of common goods. Those connections have become particularly frequent in many real-life cases due to recent emergency states and crises, e.g., the Covid-19 crisis. We are convinced that the interconnections among different actors for the provision of common goods may play the role of an interesting variant in the economic literature on CGs. The so-called “tragedy of commons” is just an example of this classical literature on common and public goods. Our call for papers invites contributions in applied contexts. Moreover, our call invites the utilization of a unifying methodology, which can capture multiple behavioral intricacies among different agents involved in the provision of common goods, that is game theory.

You can find detailed information at the following link: