• Call For Papers
  • November 13, 2020

Call for Papers for Economic & Financial Review

The journal Economic & Financial Review based at the University of London has been re-launched, going from print version to an online version. The journal aims to provide a medium for enabling and enhancing communications among three groups of economists, namely (i) public sector economists (ii) private sector economists and (iii) academic economists. The journal includes contributions from all sides of the profession - portraying the state of the art as well as presenting the new thinking, developments, directions, emerging techniques and their applications in the area of economics and finance.  It addresses issues related to decisions, timing and implementation of alternative policies at government level.  It also concerns itself with the problems, consequences and necessary steps for the reversal of a given policy when it fails to produce the desired results. In addition, the journal addresses the difficulties facing the market decision makers, in effect "the policy-takers", who need to incorporate into their forecasts government actions. Finally, the periodical aids in removing the isolation that currently exists among the different groups so that the new theories that are formulated will be more in tune with the real workings of the economy, and guide the practitioners. Papers are invited to be submitted to: eefc@eefclondon.org