• Call For Papers
  • November 13, 2020

Call for PapersĀ  for Economic & Financial Computing

The journal Economic & Financial Computing based at the University of London has been re-launched, going from print version to an online version. The journal provides a forum to present recent advances on the measurement aspects of economic and financial problems. It focuses on both the methodological and practical facets of quantitative and computational techniques as applied to economic and financial issues. It is intended that the journal will bring to the fore high quality research in these areas, demonstrate applications of such techniques and capture the fast growth in this field.  The journal is also designed to identify gaps in the current literature covering quantitative methods in economics, finance and forecasting. By highlighting the demand for further in-depth analysis to overcome the existing deficiencies, the journal promotes new directions for research and applications in the field. Papers are invited to be submitted to: eefc@eefclondon.org