• Call For Papers
  • April 28, 2022

Call for Papers: Cambridge Elements in Law, Economics and Politics

The Cambridge Elements in Law, Economics and Politics is aimed at organizing the existing knowledge and guiding research on the origins and evolution of economic, legal and political institutions and their role as a possible determinant of economic phenomena.

To achieve this goal, we focus on two types of contributions:

  • critical analyses of the existing literature based on innovative theoretical and empirical models and/or novel datasets;
  • original pieces opening ground-breaking streams of literature, or reshaping in an unexpected way the mainstream.

Key innovative features of our editorial project:

  1. Each contribution is indexed as a Cambridge University Press monograph and should range between 20,000 and 30,000 words but cannot be shorter than 10,000 words. It will be made available in online, e-book and printed versions and offered open access for the first two weeks after publication.
  2. Each contribution encompasses a piece of extra material such as a summary video, theoretical exercises, an unpublished data set, policy prescriptions, and reading lists facilitating its inclusion in graduate and undergraduate courses.
  3. Our editorial board is composed by a group of young but highly recognized scholars who have developed methodologies at the crossroads between archaeology, biology, computer science, economics, history, law, management science, political science, psychology and sociology. Building on this unique mix of expertise, we invite interdisciplinary contributions enhancing our understanding of the origins and impact of legal and political institutions.
  4. We commit to provide a very meticulous editorial process and, notably, the feedback of two co-editors, two associate editors and one external reviewer.
  5. We strive to enhance the visibility of each published Element through our blog and our Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter channels.

You can find on our website more information on our editorial project and the first three published Elements, which are coauthored by, respectively, Lee Epstein and Keren Weinshall, Richard Holden and Anup Malani and Daniel Chen, Zhe Huang, Xinyue Zhang and Ruofan Wang.

To propose a new Element please send a long abstract (max 1000 words) to both the Managing Editor, Valentino Moscariello, at LEPelements@cambridge.org and the Editor in Chief, Carmine Guerriero, at c.guerriero@unibo.it.