• Call For Papers
  • January 31, 2023

Call for Papers: Research Prize in Historical Finance Honoring the Memory of Professor Georges Gallais-Hamonno

“Understanding the past to better shape the future”

The French Finance Association (AFFI) awards, every year, a prize to honor the memory of its late president Professor Georges Gallais-Hamonno. The prize, funded by a grant from Professor Janine Gallais-Hamonno, will be awarded to an original study (working paper) in Historical Finance*, covering the fields of Financial Economics and Financial Markets in the Long Run.

Conditions: To encourage young researchers, articles (in English) should be submitted no more than four years after Ph.D. acquisition. Without excluding other research, we especially welcome single-authored papers. The winner will be awarded €1,000, and the academic journal Cliometrica, as a partner of the prize, will peer-review the winner’s paper for potential publication. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2023 (midnight CET). Papers (pdf format) should be sent to the secretary-general of the prize Dr. Amir Rezaee: amir.rezaee@isg.fr

Professor Georges Gallais-Hamonno, considered the founder of Historical Finance in France, dedicated most of his career to the study of financial markets in the long run. Former Chairman of the Department of economics and management, then Dean of the Faculty of law, economics, and management, he was over five decades professor of economics and finance at the University of Orléans, France.

*Historical Finance harnesses modern quantitative methods for reassessing past financial economics issues in view of bringing new insights into the workings of complex economic forces.