• Announcement
  • May 5, 2020

Slate of Candidates for the 2020 Election Announced

The Nominating Committee, consisting of Alvin Roth (Chair), William Darity, Jr., Erica Field, Kristin Forbes, Rebecca Henderson, Hilary Hoynes, Guido Imbens, and Lawrence Katz, submitted its nominations for vice presidents and elected members of the Executive Committee on April 24. The Electoral College, consisting of the Nominating Committee and the Executive Committee's voting members together, then selected the nominee for president-elect.

The 2020 slate of candidates for 2021 officers is:

Christina Romer

Vice Presidents
Katherine Baicker
Kerwin Charles
David Cutler
Shelly Lundberg

Executive Committee Members
Sandra Black
Peter Henry
Emi Nakamura
Rohini Pande

Please watch for more information on the candidates. Balloting opens August 1, 2020.