Information for ASSA 2021 Participants

A few days prior to the ASSA Annual Meeting, you will receive an email that will include a Zoom link generated by us for your session.  Each session will have a technical support person who will start the session and will then turn over the host role to the chairperson or enable all participants to be co-hosts.  

The technical support person will begin to admit presenters and discussants 15 minutes ahead of time so that there is an opportunity for discussion and preparation before admitting conference attendees.  It is important that all session/panel participants join 15 minutes prior to the session start time.  

The time limit for the sessions is firm. Zoom will automatically terminate the session at the scheduled end time to allow the next session to begin on time.

It is the chair's responsibility to introduce presenters and discussants and be sure they do not encroach on the time scheduled for the presentation of other papers on the session, and to coordinate questions from Zoom Q&A if time permits.  The chair must ensure that all session details and participants are finalized by mid-December so that the Zoom links are sent to the correct participants.  

We will be providing more information in December, including best practices for presenting on Zoom.