Summer Economics Fellows Program History

AEA/NSF Summer Economics Fellowships to Advance the Careers of Women and Underrepresented Minorities

Some Statistics and a Brief History of the Summer Economics Fellows Program

Planning for the Summer Economics Fellows program began in Autumn 2006 as a self-assigned CSWEP Board task by Dick Startz (U. Washington). Startz received much advice and support from many economists, including Dan Newlon (NSF), Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco), Jeff Fuhrer (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston), and John Siegfried (Vanderbilt). With input from then CSWEP and CSMGEP chairs, Lisa Lynch (Tufts) and Cecilia Rouse (Princeton), it was decided that the program should be jointly run by the two organizations. A formal guiding committee (Patricia Mosser (Federal Reserve Bank of New York and a member of the CSWEP executive board), Janice Shack-Marquez (Board of Governors and a member of the CSMGEP executive board), and Dick Startz) was constituted. Three regional Federal Reserve banks and the Board of Governors agreed to pilot the program. Dan Newlon arranged for the NSF to pick up administrative costs and Bill Rodgers (Rutgers) offered to have the AEA Pipeline program administer the budget. AEA staff (Susan Houston) set up the web site. The program has grown with help from many interested economists, in particular CSWEP and CSMGEP board members and economists affiliated with the sponsoring institutions. The first fellowships were offered in Summer 2007.

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