General Interest Economics Journals with Economic Education Content


The American Economic Review (AER)
Established: 1911
Sponsoring Organization: American Economic Association
Publisher: American Economic Association
Note: Annual Papers and Proceedings issue includes papers derived from AEACEE sessions at the ASSA conference.

The Southern Economic Journal (SEJ)
Established: 1933
Sponsoring Organization: Southern Economic Association
Publisher: Wiley
Note: Periodically includes a special section of papers entitled “Targeting Teaching.”

The American Economist (AEX)
Established: 1957
Sponsoring Organization: Omicron Delta Epsilon – The International Honor Society in Economics
Publisher: SAGE Publishing
Note: Frequently publishes research on broad range of economic education issues and topics.

Economic Inquiry (EI)
Established: 1962
Sponsoring Organization: Western Economic Association International
Publisher: Wiley
Note: Periodic publication of economic education research on college-level issues.

Atlantic Economic Journal (AEJ)
Established: 1973
Sponsoring Organization: Atlantic Economic Society
Publisher: Springer
Note: Volumes often include articles and notes on economic education topics and teaching-related issues.