Business and Management Education Journals with Economic Education Content


Journal of Education for Business (JEB)
Established: 1928
Sponsoring Organization: Independent
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Note: Encompasses education research from all business-related disciplines, including economics.

Journal of Consumer Affairs
Established: 1967
Sponsoring Organization: American Council on Consumer Interests
Publisher: Wiley
Note: History of publishing articles on financial literacy and economic decision making from the consumer’s perspective.

Journal of Financial Education (JFED)
Established: 1972
Sponsoring Organization: Financial Education Association
Publisher: Financial Education Association
Note: Publishes researched focused broadly on finance education and literacy.

Journal of Consumer Education (JCE)
Established: 1983
Sponsoring Organization: Illinois Consumer Education Association
Publisher: Illinois Consumer Education Association
Note: Focus on applied research in consumer and financial education.

Journal of Private Enterprise (JPEnt)
Established: 1985
Sponsoring Organization: Association of Private Enterprise Education
Publisher: Association of Private Enterprise Education
Note: Publishes research on topics pertaining to private enterprise, markets, and entrepreneurship education.

The Academy of Business Education Journal (ABEJ)
Established: 2000
Sponsoring Organization: Academy of Business Education
Publisher: Academy of Business Education
Note: Multidisciplinary in scope, including economics and finance.

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education (DSJIE)
Established: 2003
Sponsoring Organization: Decision Sciences Institute
Publisher: Wiley
Note: Focuses on decision science education broadly defined, including economics.