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Chart of the Week

A dose of managed care

January 13, 2021
How much do privately administered insurance plans bring down drug prices for Medicaid enrollees?
Chart of the Week

Antitrust and innovation

January 4, 2021
How did the 1956 consent decree against Bell Labs spur new inventions?
Chart of the Week

Hidden genius

December 16, 2020
How does a successful research career relate to where someone was born?
Chart of the Week

Lifting the resource curse

December 7, 2020
Better information helped stop political violence over natural gas in Mozambique.
Chart of the Week

Moving to a healthier place

December 2, 2020
Hurricane Katrina forced New Orleanians to uproot and live somewhere else. What effect did that have on their health?
Chart of the Week

Plugging the leaks

November 23, 2020
Do e-governance reforms stop the theft of public funds?
Chart of the Week

The spoils system in Brazil

November 9, 2020
How often do elected officials use hiring decisions as a patronage tool?