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Chart of the Week

Variation in punishment

June 16, 2021
How much does racial heterogeneity affect the severity of criminal sentencing?
Chart of the Week

Applying themselves

June 7, 2021
Could reframing offers of financial aid help close the college-going gap between high- and low-income students?
Chart of the Week

Building a family dynasty

May 24, 2021
How much do extended family members impact the growth of human capital for future generations?
Chart of the Week

Trickle down corruption

May 19, 2021
Revelations of political malfeasance in Mexico led to a deterioration in ethical norms among students.
Chart of the Week

School spending matters

May 10, 2021
State funding cuts during the Great Recession had lasting effects on student outcomes.
Chart of the Week

Decomposing news shocks

May 5, 2021
How do expectations about the future supply of oil affect today’s oil prices?
Chart of the Week

Money and matriculation

April 26, 2021
How do household decisions about sending kids to college change after winning the lottery?
Chart of the Week

The risk of research

April 12, 2021
How do companies weigh the tradeoffs with R&D investment?