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Information inequality

April 24, 2024
Do US voters share a common baseline of political facts?
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Expanding public options

March 27, 2024
When should state-owned companies compete with the private sector?
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Expanding markets

January 30, 2024
What happens to incumbents when more sellers are added to online platforms?
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2023 in Research Highlights

December 19, 2023
Economists addressed issues related to graduate student mental health, teacher diversity, the origin of government, and more.
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Global trade and unionization

December 5, 2023
What role did the surge in China imports have on already declining union rates?
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Shifting to work from home

November 20, 2023
How did work-from-home arrangements in the United States evolve during and after the pandemic?
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Concentrated spending

August 22, 2023
Why are US households spending more money on fewer products and showing increasing divergence from each other in their selections?