AEA Sessions from the 2021 ASSA Annual Meeting

January 03 — 05

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Exchange Rates: Macroeconomic and Behavioral Drivers

Jenny Tang
Exchange Rates and Asset Prices in a Global Demand System —
Ralph S.J. Koijen
and Motohiro Yogo
Asset Pricing with Mis-Specified Models —
Andrea Vedolin
, Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi
, and Pooya Molavi
Optimal Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies with Imperfect Financial Markets —
Oleg Itskhoki
and Dmitry Mukhin
A Fundamental Connection: Exchange Rates and Macroeconomic Expectations —
Vania Stavrakeva
and Jenny Tang

Fairness in Priority-Based Matching

Atila Abdulkadiroglu
Stability versus No Justified Envy —
Assaf Romm
, Alvin Roth
, and Ran Shorrer
A Market Design Solution to Unfair Distribution of Teachers in Schools —
Julien Combe
, Umut Dur
, Olivier Tercieux
, Camille Terrier
, and Utku Unver
Justified-Envy-Minimal Efficient Mechanisms for Priority-Based Matching —
Hyukjun Kwon
and Ran Shorrer
Robust Minimal Instability of the Top Trading Cycles Mechanism —
Battal Dogan
and Lars Ehlers


Lucie Schmidt
Television and Gender Stereotypes —
Sven Hartmann
Spillovers in Childbearing Decisions and Fertility Transitions: Evidence from China —
Pauline Rossi
and Yun Xiao
Sunrise, Sunset, and Fertility —
Pavel Jelnov
and Attakrit Leckcivilize
Kids Give You Headaches: Universal Prekindergarten, Maternal Health, and Fertility —
Kai Hong
, Kacie Dragan
, and Sherry Glied

Field Experiments in Early Childhood Education and Care

Philipp Lergetporer
It All Starts with Beliefs: Addressing the Roots of Educational Inequities by Changing Parental Beliefs —
John A. List
, Julie Pernaudet
, and Dana Suskind
The MPACT Initiative: Using Behavioral Tools to Improve Children’s Early Math Skills —
Susan E. Mayer
, Ariel Kalil
, and William Delgado
Reducing the Gender Gap in Early Learning: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Norwegian Preschools —
Andreas Fidjeland
, Mari Rege
, Ingeborg F. Solli
, and Ingunn Størksen
Not Wanting or Not Knowing? A Behavioral Intervention to Promote Applications for Universal Child Care Among Disadvantaged Families —
Henning Hermes
, Philipp Lergetporer
, Frauke Peter
, and Simon Wiederhold

Financial Decision Making

Michael Gelman
Personal Bankruptcy, Moral Hazard, and Shadow Debt —
Bronson Argyle
, Benjamin Iverson
, Taylor Nadauld
, and Christopher Palmer
Mind the App: Mobile Access to Financial Information and Consumer Behavior —
Yaron Levi
and Shlomo Benartzi
How Much to Save? Decision Costs and Retirement Plan Participation —
Jacob Goldin
, Tatiana Homonoff
, Richard Patterson
, and William Skimmyhorn
Whisper Words of Wisdom: How Financial Counseling Can Reduce Delinquency in Consumer Loans —
Jaime Ruiz-Tagle
, Roberto Alvarez
, and Alvaro Miranda
Trust in Finance and Consumer FinTech Adoption —
Mikael Paaso
, Deniz Okat
, and Vesa Pursiainen
The Equilibrium Effect of Information in Consumer Credit Markets: Public Records and Credit Redistribution —
Scott Fulford
and Eva Nagypal

Financing Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Antoinette Schoar
Common Ownership and Startup Growth —
Jillian Grennan
, Katherine Waldock
, and Ofer Eldar
Does Private Equity Investment in Healthcare Benefit Patients? Evidence from Nursing Homes —
Sabrina T. Howell
, Atul Gupta
, Constantine Yannelis
, and Abhinav Gupta
The Unobserved Returns in Entrepreneurship —
Sarada Sarada
The Effect of Student Debt on Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Online Social Networks —
Menaka Hampole

Firm Dynamics

Francis Flanagan
The Comparative Advantage of Firms —
Johannes Boehm
, Swati Dhingra
, and John Morrow
Earnings Inequality in Production Networks —
Federico Huneeus
, Kory Kroft
, Kevin Lim
, and David J. Price
Industry Linkages from Joint Production —
Xiang Ding
Trade, Technology, Size and the Division of Labor —
Nuno Limao
and Yang Xu
Governing Global Value Chains: Evidence from Automotive Trade Data —
Susan Helper
and Abdul Munasib
Exporter Dynamics during a Recession: The Role of Global Value Chains —
Yuko Imura

Firm Risk, Misallocation, Disasters and Aggregate Uncertainty

Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
Financial Structure and Volatility of Firms —
Emin Dinlersoz
, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
, Vincenzo Quadrini
, and Veronika Penciakova
The Investment Network, Sectoral Comovement, and the Changing U.S. Business Cycle —
Christian vom Lehn
and Thomas Winberry
Using Disasters to Estimate the Impact of Uncertainty —
Scott R. Baker
, Nicholas Bloom
, and Stephen J. Terry
The Aggregate Consequences of Default Risk: Evidence from Firm-Level Data —
Timothy Besley
, Isabelle Roland
, and John Van Reenen

Fiscal Policy in Disaster, War, and their Aftermath

Ethan Ilzetzki
Disasters Everywhere: The Costs of Business Cycles Reconsidered —
Òscar Jordà
, Moritz Schularick
, and Alan M. Taylor
Fiscal Multipliers in the COVID19 Recession —
Alan Auerbach
, Yuriy Gorodnichenko
, Peter B. McCrory
, and Daniel Murphy
Government Purchases and Plant-Level Productivity: Evidence from World War II —
Ethan Ilzetzki
Public Pension Reforms and Fiscal Foresight: Narrative Evidence and Aggregate Implications —
Huixin Bi
and Sarah Zubairy

From Health to Wealth: Healthcare Policy and Household Finance

Gideon Bornstein
The Impact of Social Insurance on Household Debt —
Gideon Bornstein
and Sasha Indarte
The Burden of Medical Debt and the Impact of Debt Forgiveness —
Ray Kluender
, Neale Mahoney
, Francis Wong
, and Wesley Yin
Health Insurance as an Income Stabilizer —
Emily Gallagher
, Nathan Blascak
, Michal Grinstein-Weiss
, and Stephen Roll

Frontier of Education Economics

Adam Kapor
Limited Awareness, Biased Beliefs, and Personalized Feedback on School Choice Platforms —
Adam Kapor
, Felipe Arteaga
, Christopher Neilson
, and Seth Zimmerman
The Labor Market of Public School Teachers with Flexible Pay: An Equilibrium Approach —
Chao Fu
, Barbara Biasi
, and John Stromme
The Equilibrium Effects of Public Provision in Education Markets: Evidence from a Public School Expansion Policy —
Michael Dinerstein
, Christopher Neilson
, and Sebastian Otero
Meritocracy and Its Discontent: Long-Run Effects of Repeated School Admission Reforms —
Yusuke Narita
, Mari Tanaka
, and Chiaki Moriguchi

Gender Bias/Discrimination (Gender Bias in Various Occupations)

Petra Todd
Gender Stereotyping in Sports —
Marina Morales
, Miriam Marcen
, and Almudena Sevilla
Gender Attitudes in the Judiciary: Evidence from U.S. Circuit Courts —
Arianna Ornaghi
, Daniel Chen
, and Elliott Ash
Born to Care (or Not Care): How Gender Role Attitudes Affect Occupation Choice —
Amanda Weinstein
, Heather Stephens
, and Carlianne Patrick
Gender Bias in Performance Assessments: Evidence from Teachers —
Anne Fitzpatrick
, Sabrin Beg
, and Adrienne Lucas

Gender Differences in Careers and Pay

Marianne Bertrand
The Impact of the 1963 Equal Pay Act on the Gender Gap —
Martha Bailey
, Thomas Helgerman
, and Bryan Stuart
Coordinated Work Schedules and the Gender Wage Gap —
Chinhui Juhn
, German Cubas
, and Pedro Silos
Long-Run Effects of Incentivizing Work After Childbirth —
Na'ama Shenhav
and Elira Kuka
Informed Choices: Gender Gaps in Career Advice —
Melanie Wasserman
and Yana Gallen

Gender Disparities: Evidence on Causes and Implications

Marianne Bertrand
Gender Differences in Medical Evaluations: Evidence from Randomly Assigned Workers’ Compensation Doctors —
Marika Cabral
and Marcus Dillender
COVID-19 Disruptions Disproportionately Affect Female Academics —
Tatyana Deryugina
, Olga Shurchkov
, and Jenna Stearns
Gender Differences in Politician Persistence —
Melanie Wasserman
Flexible Pay, Bargaining, and the Gender Gap —
Barbara Biasi
and Heather Sarsons

Gender Equality and Parenting from the Baby Boom to COVID-19

Alessandra Maria Voena
Parenting in Science: Lessons from the Baby Boom —
Scott Kim
and Petra Moser
Female Labor Force Participation and Intergenerational Mobility —
Claudia Olivetti
, Jorgen Modalsli
, Daniele Pasermann
, and Laura Salisbury
This Time It's Different: The Role of Women's Employment in a Pandemic Recession —
Matthias Doepke
, Titan Alon
, Jane Olmstead-Rumsey
, and Michèle Tertilt

Generalized Models of Rational Inattention and Their Applications

Jennifer La'O
Inattentive Economies —
George-Marios Angeletos
and Karthik Sastry
Information Acquisition, Efficiency, and Non-Fundamental Volatility —
Benjamin Hebert
and Jennifer La'O
Optimally Imprecise Memory and Biased Forecasts —
Rava Azeredo da Silveira
, Yeji Sung
, and Michael Woodford
The Cost of Information —
Luciano Pomatto
, Philipp Strack
, and Omer Tamuz

Global Financial Shocks and Policy Responses

Gita Gopinath
Dampening Global Financial Shocks: Can Macroprudential Regulation Help (More than Capital Controls)? —
Katharina Bergant
, Niels-Jakob Hansen
, Francesco Grigoli
, and Damiano Sandri
Leaning Against the Global Financial Cycle —
Andrea Ferrero
, Maurizio Habib
, Livio Stracca
, and Fabrizio Venditti
Is This Time Different?” Crises across Centuries —
Hélène Rey
, Jérémy Fouliard
, and Vania Stavrakeva
International Spillovers and Local Credit Cycles —
Julian di Giovanni
, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
, Mehmet Fatih Ulu
, and Yusuf Soner Baskaya

Global Production Networks

Johannes Boehm
Contracting Frictions in Global Sourcing: Implications for Welfare —
Davin Chor
and Lin Ma
Firm Heterogeneity and Imperfect Competition in Global Production Networks —
Hanwei Huang
, Kalina Manova
, and Frank Pisch
Growth and the Fragmentation of Production —
Johannes Boehm
and Ezra Oberfield
O-Ring Production Networks —
Banu Demir
, Ana Cecilia Fieler
, Daniel Yi Xu
, and Kelly Kaili Yang

Globally Engaged Firms in the United States Economy

J. Bradford Jensen
Multinational Firms in the United States Economy: Insights from New Integrated Microdata —
Fariha Kamal
and Jessica McCloskey
Global Sourcing and Assembly with Scale Economics —
Pol Antràs
, Evgenii Fadeev
, Teresa C. Fort
, and Felix Tintelnot
Linking Information on Multinational Enterprises to Gain New Insights on International Services Traders —
Jennifer Bruner
and Alexis Grimm
The United States Multinational Advantage during the Global Financial Crisis: The Role of Services Trade —
Fariha Kamal
and Zachary Kroff

Governance Reforms and Development

Gustavo J. Bobonis
Political Quotas and Governance —
Siwan Anderson
and Patrick Francois
Voter-Buying, Electoral Reform and Public Good Provision in Brazil —
Ridwan Karim
Hybrid Tax Collection and Public Goods Provision in Somalia: Building the State through Informal Revenue Generation —
Vanessa van den Boogaard
and Fabrizio Santoro
Pockets of Effectiveness in Low-Income State Financial Institutions: The Ghanaian Central Bank Monetary Policy Unit —
Erin Metz McDonnell