AEA Sessions from the 2021 ASSA Annual Meeting

January 03 — 05

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Accountability, Elections, and Frictions: The Effects of Institutional Constraints on the Provision and Efficacy of School Resources

Sandra Black
School Spending and Student Outcomes: Evidence from Revenue Limit Elections in Wisconsin —
E. Jason Baron
School Capital Expenditure Rules, Student Outcomes, and Real Estate Capitalization —
Barbara Biasi
, Julien Lafortune
, and David Schönholzer
Test-Based Accountability and the Effectiveness of School Finance Reforms —
John Singleton
, Christian Buerger
, and Seung Hyeong Lee
Reducing Frictions in College Admissions: Evidence from the Common Application —
Brian Knight
and Nathan Schiff

AEA Awards Ceremony and AEA Distinguished Lecture

David Card
Emmanuel Saez

AEA/AFA Joint Lecture

David Card
Ulrike Malmendier

AFA/AEA Joint Panel on Climate

Michael Greenstone
Maureen Cropper
Geoffrey Heal
, and
William Nordhaus

Aging and Race

Perry Singleton
Age and the Labor Market for Hispanics in the United States —
Joanna Lahey
and Roberto Mosquera Moyano
Healthy Aging among Older Mexican Immigrants —
Emma Aguila
and Maria Casanova
Incarceration and Black-White Cohort Differences in Male Employment, Earnings, and Social Security Wealth —
Gary Engelhardt
and Michael Eriksen
The Effect of Social Security Retirement Benefits on Food-Related Hardship among Older Americans —
Perry Singleton
The Effect of Opioids on Health and Physical Mobility —
Engy Ziedan

Air Pollution Challenges in Developing Countries

Maureen Cropper
Health Shocks under Hospital Capacity Constraint: Evidence from Air Pollution in Sao Paulo, Brazil —
Bruna Guidetti
, Paula Pereda
, and Edson Severnini
Ambiguous Air Pollution Effects of China’s COVID-19 Lockdown —
Valerie Karplus
, Shuang Zhang
, Douglas Almond
, and Xinming Du
Environmental Protection or Local Protectionism? Evidence from Tailpipe Emission Standards in China —
Jie Bai
, Shanjun Li
, Danxia Xie
, and Hui Zhou
The Health Impacts of Coal-Fired Power Plants in India and the Co-benefits of GHG Reductions —
Maureen Cropper
, Ryna Cui
, Nate Hultman
, Yongjoon Park
, Xinlu Yao
, Sarath Guttikunda
, Puja Jawahar
, and Xiao-Peng Song

Applied Spatial Economics

Stephen James Redding
Transportation, Gentrification, and Urban Mobility: The Inequality Effect of Place-Based Policies —
Clare Balboni
, Gharad Bryan
, Melanie Morten
, and Bilal Siddiqi
Spatial Economics for Granular Settings —
Jonathan Dingel
and Felix Tintelnot
The Local Labor Market Effects of Trade: Evidence from the Corn Laws —
Stephan Heblich
and Stephen James Redding
Equilibrium Particulate Exposure —
Lorenzo Aldeco
, Lint Barrage
, and Matthew Turner

Automation, Firms, and Labor Markets

James Bessen
Technology and the Size and Composition of Workforce in United States Firms: First Evidence from the 2019 Annual Business Survey —
Daron Acemoglu
, Gary Andersen
, David Beede
, Catherine Buffington
, Emin Dinlersoz
, Lucia Foster
, Nathan Goldschlag
, John C. Haltiwanger
, Zachary Kroff
, Pascual Restrepo
, and Nikolas Zolas
Displacement and Inequality: Task Structure of Production and Changes in United States Wage Structure —
Daron Acemoglu
and Pascual Restrepo
Robots and Firms —
Michael Koch
, Ilya Manuylov
, and Marcel Smolka

Behavioral Considerations in Matching Mechanisms

Alexander Teytelboym
The Rise of Centralized Choice and Assignment Mechanisms in Education Markets around the World —
Christopher Neilson
Reversing Reserves —
Parag Pathak
, Alex Rees-Jones
, and Tayfun Sonmez
Time Inconsistency and Market Design —
Avinatan Hassidim
, Assaf Romm
, and Ran Shorrer
Information Acquisition and Provision in School Choice: An Experimental Study —
Yan Chen
and Yinghua He

Beliefs and Education

Orazio Attanasio
A (Dynamic) Investigation of Stereotypes, Belief-Updating, and Behavior —
Katherine Coffman
, Maria Paola Ugalde Araya
, and Basit Zafar
Effects of Perceived Productivity on Study Effort: Evidence from a Field Experiment —
Fulya Ersoy
How Do Expectations about Government Benefits Affect Human Capital Investment? —
Manasi Deshpande
and Rebecca Dizon-Ross
Beliefs, Preferences, and Student Effort —
William Murdock III
, John J. Conlon
, Spencer Y. Kwon
, and Dev Patel

Beliefs, Learning, and the Macroeconomy

Andrei Shleifer
Real Credit Cycles —
Pedro Bordalo
, Nicola Gennaioli
, Andrei Shleifer
, and Stephen J. Terry
Fiscal Policy and Households’ Inflation Expectations: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial —
Olivier Coibion
, Yuriy Gorodnichenko
, and Michael Weber
Market Efficiency in the Age of Big Data —
Ian Martin
and Stefan Nagel
Belief Distortions and Macroeconomic Fluctuations —
Francesco Bianchi
, Sydney C. Ludvigson
, and Sai Ma

Biases and Conflicts of Interest in Research

Edward Miguel
On the Causal Effect of Fame on Citations —
Jonathan Brogaard
, Joseph Engelberg
, Sapnoti Eswar
, and Edward Van Wesep
Do Conflict of Interests Disclosures Work? Evidence from Citations in Medical Journals —
Christian Leuz
, Laszlo Jakab
, Anup Malani
, and Maximilian Muhn
Funding of Clinical Trials and Reported Drug Efficacy —
Tamar Oostrom
Is Scholarly Refereeing Productive (at the Margin)? —
Aboozar Hadavand
, Daniel Hamermesh
, and Wesley W. Wilson

Big Data and Innovations In Urban Mobility

Andrew Waxman
Peak-Hour Road Congestion Pricing: Experimental Evidence and Equilibrium Implications —
Gabriel Kreindler
Our Uber Has Arrived: Ridesharing and the Redistribution of Economic Activity —
Caitlin Gorback
Life in the Slow Lane: Unintended Consequences of Public Transit in Jakarta —
Arya Gaduh
, Tadeja Gracner
, and Alexander Rothenberg
The Value of Urgency —
Antonio M. Bento
, Kevin Roth
, and Andrew Waxman

Big Data and Retail

Paul Ellickson
The Distributional Impacts of the Retail Apocalypse —
Yue Cao
, Judith Chevalier
, Jessie Handbury
, and Kevin R. Williams
The Geography of Consumption Inequality —
Rebecca Diamond
and Enrico Moretti
Consumer Mobility and Spatial Firm Entry —
Yuhei Miyauchi
and Stephen James Redding
Prices and Promotions in United States Retail Markets: Evidence from Big Data —
Günter J. Hitsch
, Ali Hortacsu
, and Xiliang Lin

Business Cycles

Robert Lester
Rational Bubbles in Non-linear Business Cycle Models: Closed and Open Economies —
Robert Kollmann
Bank Due Diligence and Funding Liquidity in the Business Cycle —
Raoul Minetti
, Qingqing Cao
, Marco Di Pietro
, and Sotirios Kokas
Risky Business Cycles —
Susanto Basu
, Giacomo Candian
, Ryan Chahrour
, and Rosen Valchev
Top Income Inequality and the Business Cycle —
Hanbaek Lee
Naive Business Cycles —
Zhesheng Qiu
The US, Economic News, and the Global Financial Cycle —
Christoph Emanuel Boehm
and Niklas Kroner

Business Cycles and On-the-Job Search

Jason Faberman
Job Search Behavior among the Employed and Non-Employed —
Jason Faberman
, Andreas I. Mueller
, Ayşegül Şahin
, and Giorgio Topa
Firm Dynamics, On-the-Job Search, and Labor Market Fluctuations —
Michael Elsby
and Axel Gottfries
Bad Jobs and Low Inflation —
Renato Faccini
and Leonardo Melosi
Job Ladder and Business Cycles —
Felipe Alves

Business Failures, Networks and Sectoral Reallocation under COVID-19

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
A Keynesian Production Network Model of the COVID-19 Crisis —
Emmanuel Farhi
and David Rezza Baqaee
Sectoral Effects of Social Distancing —
Jean-Noël Barrot
, Basile Grassi
, and Julien Sauvagnat
COVID-19 and Business Failures —
Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas
, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan
, Veronika Penciakova
, and Nick Sander
COVID-19 Is a Persistent Reallocation Shock —
Jose Maria Barrero
, Nicholas Bloom
, and Steven J. Davis

Career Progression – Glass Ceiling

Lise Vesterlund
Female Peer Effects on Career Outcomes: Evidence from MBA Students —
Francesca Truffa
, Menaka Hampole
, and Ashley Wong
Hidden Talents: Managers, Applications, and the Gender Gap —
Ingrid Haegele
Follow my Lead: Assertive Cheap Talk and the Gender Gap —
Ketki Sheth
and Shanthi Manian
Strength in Numbers: A Field Experiment in Gender, Influence, and Group Dynamics —
Olga Stoddard
, Chris Karpowitz
, and Jessica Preece

Career, Technical and Vocational Education

Caroline Hoxby
The Demand for Career and Technical Education in Michigan —
Brian Jacob
and Michael Ricks
Improving Educational Pathways to Social Mobility: Evidence from Norway’s “Reform 94” —
Marianne Bertrand
, Magne Mogstad
, and Jack Mountjoy
Setting the Stage for a New Generation of Evidence on Career Technical Education: New York City as a Laboratory for Learning —
Shaun Dougherty
, James J. Kemple
, and Rebecca Unterman
Labor Market Returns to Vocational Secondary Education —
Mikko Silliman
and Hanna Virtanen
The Effects of Career and Technical Education: Connecticut Technical High School System —
Eric Brunner
, Shaun Dougherty
, and Stephen L. Ross