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Why do most schools not get back with the candidates who were interviewed at the meetings but not selected for flyouts?  It seems like it would require minimal effort on behalf of the schools and be much appreciated by the candidates.

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I agree. I suspect rejections will only be sent out after they filled the position. If they haven't filled the position, they might still be going through the interview list for potential flyouts.
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Yes, this is the case. Hiring departments deal with their own rejections, and sometimes go back into their ASSA pool many times before eventually making a hire. In many cases a candidate's file is "live" deep into February. Also, many HR departments have a rule against telling candidates "no" until after a hire has been made, even if a department has already decided against a candidate.
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And would the candidates get back to the schools, too?  If we talked to you at the ASSA meetings, then we would like for you to update us as you get fly-outs (especially nearby) and offers.
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Most candidates I know do this.  But yes, valid point, communication post ASSA is a two way street.