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Likely the silliest question on this forum, but I was wondering if anybody else is having troubles installing the 2019 ASSA app on their Android phone (I have a Motorola Moto Gplay)


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No, I didn't have any problems.  I also have an Android.  What problem are you experiencing?  There is a help page here:
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Thank you.....when I go to the Play Store, it says that my phone is not compatible with the App. The same phone was compatible last year though....:)
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We have passed this question along to see what the vendor (EventPilot) advises and will follow-up to let you know.  It is possible that you may need to use the web app version on your specific phone.
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Update from EventPilot support:  "The Moto G4 devices should use the web app version. Those devices do not have enough heap memory to use the native app."

The web app version is available here:
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thank so much.
too bad, I was able to install the app last year on the same phone...