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I have a very fortunate problem. I am running out of interview slots. The barrier (for me, at least) appears to be that the majority of employers don't interview in the afternoon on Sunday. Should I request skype interviews for employers with whom I can't make the time work? Does that disadvantage me?

Related: would it not make the process smoother to have fixed start times and intervals?
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How lucky you are!

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A Skype interview will disadvantage you, but it's better than not having an interview. Schools may or may not be amenable.

It is also acceptable to cancel a scheduled interview (very politely) to substitute another...but check with your advisor before doing so.
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Agreed.  It sends a signal that the particular job is low in your ranking.  The thing to realize about the job market is that for the majority of institutions hiring, they need signals that you are gettable.  Most place can't fly in a ton of candidates and can't make multiple offers simultaneously for one position.  The market is like the game of musical chairs and hiring places don't want to be left with no one.  So, yeah, it's better than nothing, but it drops the probability of landing that job considerably.
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You are sending a signal with a Skype interview and the signal is that the employer is not in your top 20 or so.  You are also sending a signal when you reschedule an interview time and probably should ask about that no more than one time.
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And yes, it would help a lot to have a fixed start/end time as well as a standardized clock or interview times.  It would also be more efficient (and also potentially more awkward) to move all interviews to one centralized location.
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There's a good chance you're going to have to pick and choose interviews. I'm sorry I can't give better news! Some places may also flake out on you if you can't schedule, which is a signal you're not their first choice. You should talk to your advisor before deciding what to give up, and congrats on having so many interviews!