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(1) what type of PhD does this some one have? and what type of PhD does someone want to apply to? (this also qualifies the 18 pubs; in some disciplines this is a lot, in others it is only a few.)

(2) what is someone's long term goals?

If working in gov't or industry is included in any or all goals then regardless to the answer in #1, I would reply NO!

 But if someone has a PhD in discipline X and wants to make a uturn to do academic work in discipline Y, and the overlap/mutual ground between X and Y are minimal, then sure maybe. (this could be even a better idea if it is easier to find a job in Y.)
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Thank you so much for your reply. I have a PhD in Economics from my home country. Planning to do another PhD in economics from a good school in the US.
Not able to decide.
I want to work in academics.
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18 good publications in economics is more than most people have in their lifetime. You should have no trouble getting a tenured job in academia. Which makes one suspect that there is more to the story than you have told us.
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Thanks Ben, I think that some of the points make sense.
What about post doc? will that help me? looking for opportunities..
Trying to get in connection with Econ Profs here.
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You have 18 publications at age 26 2 years after getting your Ph.D?

One of three things.  

1.  You're trolling.  

2.  You'll have no problem getting a visiting position.

3.  You're ranking A, B, C journals is very different than mine and a fair share of your pubs are in predatory journals.  

Assuming no trolling, the best thing to do is to go to some conferences and meet folks, or email people directly doing research in your area asking about visiting positions.  Organize sessions asking other people you want to meet to be chair.  Visit in the summer, teach some summer classes, etc.  Put yourself out there.  You'll get rejected most of the time, but rejection is just part of the US job market hunt and academia overall.  You just need 1 place to say yes.
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Yeah, I am not trolling.
I had 12 journal publication at the completion of my PhD.
I don't have any publications in predatory journals.
Thank you for your advice.
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That's great.  At the same time, some places would probably prefer fewer papers of higher quality especially at this point in your career.  In short you have PLENTY of pubs.  You need to focus a bit on networking, and also focusing on the QUALITY of your pubs going forward.  Only work on projects with A+ potential will open the most doors for you.  I say this as someone who has a decent record, but I also know people you hold me in higher esteem if I had only had my best pubs, and had a couple lower quality pubs drop off my vita.  Some of those some of those papers I love, but had I polished them more, they could have done a bit better which is something I focus on now.
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Yeah, i am working on A and A* quality projects.
It is very difficult to get a reply from Professors. I do want to work on my networking. Lets hope i get something.
I really appreciate your reply.
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If I were you, I wouldn't get a second PhD and instead network like crazy. Meet as many people as possible who have the same research interests as you.
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Thank you for your suggestion. I will surely act on it.