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This is a question for employers---how would you interpret the request to do a Skype interview (rather than in San Diego) if a candidate has legitimate reasons for missing the conference? Would this request negatively impact the candidate's chances?

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I think it depends on the timing of when you are offering to do a Skype interview. If it is before ASSA (like in November), many private employers and small departments would be more than happy to accomodate if you express interest in jumping the market. Going to ASSA is $$. But if you are offering during or right before ASSA then this would likely be taken as a signal that you don't think you will have enough interviews to make going to San Diego worth it.
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I'd be happy to accommodate that request if it's made well in advance of the meetings. If it's made a few days before, I probably wouldn't be able to get permission to do it. If you miss your interview at the meetings without notice, it's not going to happen.