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(This is less of a question and more an announcement of a resource for researchers. Mods, pls delete if inappropriate.)

This week I announced the general availability of a new dataset: Patent Citations to Science, 1926-2018. It is available at ICPSR: linksplit.io/reliance_on_science.

We report approximately 15 million linkages from patents (1926-2018) to scientific papers (1800-2018). Each linkage has a confidence score and a marker for applicant vs. examiner. Accuracy (false positives) and coverage (false negatives) are reported for each confidence level.

If you use the data, please cite my working paper “Reliance on Science” with Aaron Fuegi: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3331686.

This project was possible thanks to the remarkable Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG, https://aka.ms/msracad), which you should cite if you use the data. We also include a partial redistribution of MAG for all papers 1800-2018.

These data are provided under the Creative Commons 4.0 - Attribution license and without any expectation of coauthorship. The data from Microsoft are under the ODC-BY license.

Good luck with your research!
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Hello again, i've just posted an update to this dataset which represents a substantial improvement improvement in reducing error rates.

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Note that the source code is now available: https://github.com/mattmarx/reliance_on_science.

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Quite useful information.
Is there a link for accessing data sources for assessing TRLs of emerging or future technologies ?
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not that I know of, sorry!