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I got my bachelor's in economics and am considering going back to school to get my master's in economics so that I can work as an economist.

However, I am second guessing whether this is a good idea because I have some issues that make it very difficult to work at a computer for long periods.

I know that math is important in economics, but are there jobs in economics where you would actually be doing math by hand to develop models or something, or maybe positions that would involve checking other people's analysis and making sure that it is logically and mathematically sound?

I am essentially looking for jobs that would use math and economics that would not require doing a lot of typing on the computer. If anyone has any ideas for these types of suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Short answer: That doesn't exist.

Almost all math today involves using computers/coding to some degree, so I do not think this is a good reason to pursue an econ masters.  Many academic economists, especially micro theorists and econometricians,  do math by hand but they also all spend long hours in front of a computer.  Moreover to do the academic research that involves more math, you will likely need a PhD instead of a masters.