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Do standby interviews exist? Is there any formal location where candidates are able to drop their CV for certain employers?

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No.  This is a fake concept promoted by trolls on EJMR.  There are no standby interviews.  (As for another piece of fake advice, candidates do not and should not give gifts of any sort to interviewers.)
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Another fake concept promoted on EJMR is to take your shoes off during the interview. Also, that they ask you questions on Real Analysis from Rudin during the interview. These are all trolls.
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While the above answers are generally true (i.e. standby interviews being a fake concept promoted by EJMR), they're not universally true. I've personally seen a couple industry employers have "open calls" for interviews late in the day in the table room. Ford did this last year in Philadelphia, for example. I don't know of any academic employers who've engaged in this practice though, and given how much thought and effort is put into whittling down academic candidates prior to ASSA, I doubt any school is interested in exploring it as a serious option.