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Seems to beat the purpose, isn't it?

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Update 1/3/2019 (ASSA begins tomorrow!):
Still many empty entries. I extremely doubt it that these dept hadn't started/finished calling.
I find a functioning EconTrack to be of immense value. As a candidate, information is very helpful for mental health, while inaccurate signals are detrimental.
For EconTrack to function two things need to happen:
1. More universities.
2. Timely and accurate updating.

Of course 1 is not yet there, but why is 2 lacking? Even the early adopters are falling behind, and no one in formal capacity had responded here.

Dear early adopters -- It is not too late for the next stages (campus visits, invitees, etc.) to be better.

Dear AEA -- please ask the departments who signed up to hold their part and update.
Thank you.
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Nope, EconTrack is more reliable. But EJMR Wiki has more listings, in the future, AEA should get more recruiters to sign up for EconTrack.
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Ha, I got some down-votes for raising this issue.
I know it is uncomfortable, but as of now, 12/10/2018 12:38PM Eastern time, Harvard and Chicago appear on EconTrack as if they did not issue interviews, while I know for a fact they did. The dates in the ejmr-wiki match the dates my friends got these invites, but this is beside the point - Forget about ejmr!

The sole purpose of EconTrack is to provide accurate information -- so that as a candidate you KNOW that what is there, or missing, is information -- yet, it is not the case.

Denying, or down-voting the issue, does not make it untrue.
Update from 12/14 -- still no updates from Harvard, Chicago, Maryland, others.

*** For EconTrack to be useful and make any attempt to replace the rumor mill of ejmr, it must be up to date! ***
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Fastest does not translate into most accurate :) I am guessing EconTrack updates when all interviews have been issued, whereas the Wiki gets updated on the go.
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I think it is up to the individual department chairs or search committee chairs to update the info on EconTrack.  If the information isn't up to date, that's the issue.
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I’m also concerned that not all schools are participating. For this to work we need full participation. But it may not be in every department’s interest to reveal details about their searches...ergo the advantage of ejmr, which did not require a user be from the interviewing school in order to update a school’s info. Not sure how to address this...