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For many job postings, there is not a specific application deadline, they state "Open until Filled". When are they usually reviewing applications till, Thanksgiving, mid-December? Some of them also mention a "Review Begins", is that the actual deadline? Of course, some of them are pretty clear, they state 'For full consideration, apply by', which makes sense.

I know that each department would be different, but if anyone with experience on search committees can shed some light on it, that would be helpful.


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In our case "Review Begins" means we do not do any formal review of candidates until that date. "Open until filled" means that we are free to continue reviewing candidates after that date. So, yes, it is to the candidates advantage to apply by "Review Begins." But if we haven't hired someone, we may well look at applications made later.
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It means holding all else constant, the sooner you apply the better.  

You don't know when they will have their meeting to review files.  But if you apply after that meeting, you're toast.  Don't assume that deadline means you can get an interview at a lower ranked safety school applying on Dec 15.  In many cases, smaller schools get fewer flyouts.  They often discriminate interest based on when you apply.  Apply early, and often.
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As a rule, when a committee begins reviewing applications, it must consider all applications submitted up to that time.  A "review begins by..." or similar statement typically means that the committee will consider applications up to that date (or perhaps a few days later).  If the number of applicants is low or the position remains unfilled, the committee can at its discretion go back and consider applications submitted after the deadline (but they then have to consider all the applicants up to whatever deadline they choose).