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Are there any surveys on India that ask questions on number, duration and reason for migration of members of household from rural to urban areas in India? And if so are any of these longitudinal?

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The India Human Development Survey might be useful:  https://ihds.umd.edu.  The migration module (part of the income and social capital questionnaire, here:  https://ihds.umd.edu/sites/ihds.umd.edu/files/ihds2isq.pdf) asks about duration and reason, and has information about the type of work performed in the urban area and whether the subject migrated through an employer or not.  There are currently two waves of data available.
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64th round of the National Sample Survey 2007-08. But it is only one cross section. I think the Rural Economic and Demographic Surveys also have some migration section and it is a panel data. More info here http://adfdell.pstc.brown.edu/arisreds_data/readme.txt