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I'm a JMC from Australia (far away from everywhere), graduated in July this year, got a few publications including Jour. Dev Stu. and B.E.Macro,  three working papers and both research award and teaching award from own uni. Had a few interviews, but found it challenging to defend (or perhaps positively convince the panel?!) the JMP.  Greatly need your advice

1. JMP is a draft at the moment (polished, presented a few times, but not yet ready to submit to journals like JDE), when panel asks about technical question (e.g. how do you control for unobservable), what do they really want to know? How should I explain if I am still working on it and have tried many techniques already?  (some people use published work as JMP, is it good or bad?)

2. Is it a good idea to email head of school/department/division before you apply for jobs? (to show interest and give a bit of self introduction)

3. Personally like UK, what kind of school should I target? Will I get some chance? (should I go to conference like AEA REA etc? bit too expensive for me)

Much appreciated for your advice.

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1. For a junior job, present your best single-authored paper, published or not.
2. NO
3. You should have an honest discussion with your advisor about this