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1) FACT SHEET: President Biden Welcomes Asia-Pacific Leaders To San Francisco, Drives Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth at Home and Throughout APEC [press release]

This week, President Biden welcomed government and business leaders from across the Asia-Pacific to San Francisco, California, for APEC Economic Leaders’ Week. President Biden highlighted how his efforts to grow the U.S. economy from the bottom up and the middle out have made the United States the preeminent driver of inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the Asia-Pacific and are delivering results for American workers and families. Across the events of the week, President Biden took steps to deepen U.S. economic ties with key regional partners, support workers’ rights around the world, and advance his agenda for a more innovative, interconnected, and inclusive Asia-Pacific region. . . .

While APEC has always focused on economic growth, throughout the United States host year, we have focused on how we grow. Guided by the theme, “Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All,” the U.S. APEC Host Year focused on key priorities for future regional growth.

-- Elevating Inclusivity, Sustainability, Connectivity, and Resiliency.  Under the U.S. Host Year, APEC launched the Manoa Agenda for Sustainable and Inclusive Economies focuses on efforts to promote green growth and APEC’s work on sustainable economic growth; the Digital Pacific Agenda to support the responsible design, development, and deployment of emerging digital technologies aimed to secure digital access for consumers and businesses; and the Bay Area Agenda on Resilient and Inclusive Growth to increase supply chain resilience while continuing to integrate the cross-cutting concept of inclusion.

-- Reaching Consensus on the Golden Gate Declaration. APEC Leaders formally adopted this year’s Leaders’ Declaration, “The Golden Gate Declaration.” This Declaration reflects consensus from APEC leaders and a commitment to work together to keep our markets open, to address supply chain disruptions, and to ensure our trade and investment benefits all of our people and economies. It reflects a commitment to accelerate our efforts toward a clean and just energy transition—including tripling renewable energy capacity globally—and to cut in half the digital gender divide by 2030. The Declaration was issued alongside a companion Chair’s Statement which reflects the Leaders’ discussion on Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and other geopolitical issues.


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7) FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Highlights Nearly $200 Billion of Private Sector Investments from the Asia-Pacific into the United States Since Taking Office

8) FACT SHEET: $50B+ of U.S. Private Sector Investments into APEC Economies, as well as Private Sector Contributions to Sustainability, Inclusivity, and Resilience

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