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Feb 16 -- The National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA invites comments by April 17, 2023 regarding the 2023 Census of Aquaculture.

The population for the 2023 Census of Aquaculture will include any farm or operation from which $1,000 or more of aquaculture products were produced and sold, or produced and distributed for restoration, conservation, enhancement, or recreational purposes in 2023. The aquaculture census will provide data on the number of farms, acreage, method of production, production and sales by aquaculture species, and sales outlets. Census data are used by the farmers, their representatives, the government, and many other groups of people concerned with the aquaculture industry. The census will provide a comprehensive inventory of aquaculture farms and their production. Results from the census will be used to evaluate new programs, disburse Federal funds, analyze market trends, and help determine the economic impact aquaculture has on the economy. The aquaculture census will provide the only source of dependable, comparable data by State.

Census of Aquaculture: https://www.nass.usda.gov/Surveys/Guide_to_NASS_Surveys/Census_of_Aquaculture/index.php
FRN: https://www.federalregister.gov/d/2023-03291

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