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1) press release -- The Biden-Harris Administration released the Fifth Open Government National Action Plan to advance a more inclusive, responsive, and accountable government. . . . [The plan] prioritizes a cross-cutting focus on promoting inclusion of communities that have experienced marginalization, exclusion, and discrimination. . . . [T]his plan features commitments across five themes:

Improve Access to Government Data, Research, & Information
Increase Civic Space to Engage Public
Transform Government Service Delivery
Counter Corruption & Ensure Government Integrity & Accountability to Public
Ensure Equal Justice Under Law


2) Select plan commitments
-- Expand Federal Government’s Production, Dissemination, & Use of Equitable Data

-- Revise Federal Standards for Collecting and Reporting Race and Ethnicity

-- Broaden Public Access to Federally-Funded Research Findings and Data

-- Streamline Researcher Access to Confidential Federal Data for Evidence Building

-- Bolster Trust in Government through Scientific Integrity and Evidence-Based Policymaking

-- Bolster Trust and Independence of Federal Statistical Agencies and Statistics


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