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Oct 25 -- The Office of Electricity (OE) of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) requests comment from the public on its Microgrid Program Strategy. Written comments and information are requested on or before November 25, 2022.

The development of the DOE Microgrid Program Strategy (Strategy) started in December 2020. The purpose was to define strategic research and development (R&D) areas for the DOE Office of Electricity (OE) Microgrids R&D (MGRD) Program to support its vision and accomplish its goals. The overarching vision for the Strategy and MGRD is:

By 2035, microgrids are envisioned to be essential building blocks of the future electricity delivery system to support resilience, decarbonization, and affordability.

The Strategy development process began with microgrid experts deliberating on areas the Strategy should focus on for impactful results in key metrics, such as reliability, resilience, decarbonization, and affordability, in the next five to ten years. These deliberations led to the development of seven strategic white papers, one for each of the six strategic R&D areas identified and one additional white paper on the overarching program vision, objectives, and targets. Each white paper was developed by a team of national laboratory and university members, and then reviewed by an industry advisory panel. These seven white papers constitute the DOE Microgrid Program Strategy.

OE sponsored the DOE MGRD Strategy Symposium on July 27-28, 2022, to seek input and feedback on the seven white papers from broader microgrid stakeholders. The symposium featured presentations, panel discussions, and group discussions on each white paper. Discussions focused on key R&D recommendations and their priority, aspirational R&D targets in five to ten years, and actionable steps recommended for enabling regulatory and business models.

The final draft of the seven white papers, which include feedback from the symposium, are being posted at https://www.energy.gov/​oe/​microgrid-strategy-call-public-comment for 30 days of public comment before finalization.
FRN: https://www.federalregister.gov/d/2022-23183

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