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Today the U.S. Census Bureau releases the 2.0 version of the LED Extraction Tool. This update adds access to the Job-to-Job Flows (J2J) dataset. The LED Extraction Tool enables streamlined access to the raw public-use data produced through the Local Employment Dynamics (LED) Partnership. This easy-to-use tool provides comma-separated value (CSV) files for the exact measures and characteristics requested by users. The LED Extraction Tool makes the Quarterly Workforce Indicators (QWI) and Job-to-Job Flows (J2J) datasets available in a simple query-building interface. Rather than having to download large and complicated tables of data, users can now extract the exact rows and columns needed for their analysis. LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics (LODES) data will be available at a later date.

LED Extraction Tool: https://ledextract.ces.census.gov/  
One-pager: https://lehd.ces.census.gov/doc/help/led_extraction_tool/LEDExtractionOnePager.pdf
Help and documentation: https://lehd.ces.census.gov/applications/help/led_extraction_tool.html#!what_is_the_led_extraction_tool.
Comments or questions: CES.QWI.Feedback@census.gov or CES.J2J.Feedback@census.gov

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