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Tracking public-health outcomes across the United States: Explore health outcomes, access to care, and health risks management with the United States of Health Dashboard. (article)

The United States has reached a point in the COVID-19 pandemic where state and local leaders are looking beyond immediate crisis needs toward laying the groundwork for more equitable and resilient public-health systems. Though resources are being marshalled to address the monkeypox1 health emergency, attention is returning to the broader health challenges facing Americans.

The resources to catalyze meaningful change exist. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is allocating $4 billion in grants to help health departments throughout the country improve their workforces, critical infrastructures, and data systems. To help them define what their public-health priorities will be beyond COVID-19, McKinsey has created the United States of Health Dashboard.

An easy-to-use data visualization tool that enables users to explore the impact of disease and ill health within individual states, the dashboard is informed by key metrics encompassing maternal and neonatal health, behavioral health, communicable disease, chronic disease, and environmental health. It measures the total loss of healthy years of life, assuming full health (also known as “the burden of disease”), that affect a state’s population over the course of one year.
The dashboard is designed to help current and newly tapped state leaders, public-health agencies, and other stakeholders identify the highest-priority areas for investment by offering insights into key questions such as: How do behavioral health challenges affect a state’s population? How well is chronic disease managed and infectious disease controlled? How do mothers and their newborn infants fare? How well are health risks in the environment managed? And which populations are most significantly impacted by these metrics?

The United States of Health Dashboard was developed by McKinsey’s Public Health Team. With deep expertise on programmatic outcomes, organization and talent, tech and analytics, governance, funding mechanisms, communications and engagement, and health equity, McKinsey has mobilized across its practices to support public-health agencies in their efforts to translate funding into impact.

Article: https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/public-and-social-sector/our-insights/tracking-public-health-outcomes-across-the-united-states
Dashboard: https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/public-and-social-sector/our-insights/us-public-health-dashboard

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